Cornerstone Wellness & Nutrition

image of healthy familyCornerstone Wellness is a medically supervised weight management program available only through physicians. The program offers a safe and sensible approach to help you gradually lose excess body fat while preserving muscle (lean body mass). To get started with Cornerstone Wellness, your coach will perform a simple, painless diagnostic test using a handheld device to determine your metabolic requirements and body composition. Your test results, combined with your medical history, will be used to create a customized and flexible diet and exercise program tailored specifically to your goals and desires. A Cornerstone Wellness Coach in your physician’s office will review the plan with you and meet with you regularly for support, feedback and behavioral education.

The initial visit is an hour long consultation to provide you with all of the education and tools you need. Your coach will periodically re-test your body composition and metabolic rate to help you track your fat loss, adjust your meal plan and goals as needed.

The visits will be covered by your co-pay and will apply as a typical office visit. There are optional physician only weight loss supplements that help aid you in faster fat loss. The supplements include a high protein high vitamin meal replacement shake, a carbohydrate craving supplement and a pharmaceutical grade omega three fatty acid.

Nutrition Providers:

Mandy Nowotenski
Clinical Nutrition
BS Dietetics, Sacramento State University, 2010

Adventist Health and Rideout Primary Care at Plumas Street
1215 Plumas St., #800, Yuba City
Call 530.821.2020 for an appointment

Sara Bozarth
Clinical Nutrition
BS Dietetics, Chico State University, 2013

Adventist Health and Rideout Family Physicians
1233 Plumas St, Suite A, Yuba City
For an appointment call 530.671.2020

Adventist Health and Rideout Primary Care at Town Center
481 Plumas Blvd., Suite 104
For an appointment call 530.674.2434

Visit to learn more about the Cornerstone Wellness supplements.